Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2008-12 Eye Tracking Strategies during Setting among Volleyball Players of Different Skill Levels 吳高讚 article (199)
2008-11 中文社會科學學術期刊之網路資源引用研究 張淑芬、Chang,Shu-Fen article (4264)
2008-02 國立政治大學商學院學位論文引用文獻分析與館藏支援之研究 劉吉軒、陳碧珠、陳靜宜、張淑芬、劉麗珍、林維儀 article (3429)
2008 The Influence of Task Difficulties on Balance-task Learning 嚴雅婷、 劉有德 article (172)
2008 Gender identification from a point light display improves with age 嚴雅婷、劉有德 article (315)
2007-11 The Relationship between Posture Stability and One-hand Catching 嚴雅婷、Yen, Ya-Ting、劉有德、Liu, Yeou-Teh article (154)
2007-08 人文社會科學研究資源中心芻議 劉吉軒、柯雲娥、郭麗芳、張惠真、林淑君、Jyi-Shane Liu、Yun-Er Ke、Li-Fang Kuo、Hui-Chen Chang、Shu-Chun Lin article (2732)
2007-02 韋伯官僚理論與檔案來源原則之映證 王麗蕉、廖彩惠、Wang,Li-Chiao、Liao,Tsai-Hui article (4239)
2007-02 A study of authorial opinions on institutional repositories Lin, Cheng-huang、Tseng, Pin-fang、林呈潢、曾品方 article (762)
2007 Changes in running economy following a repeated bout of downhill running Chen, T.C.、Chen, H.-L.、Wu, C.-J.、Lin, M.-R.、Chen, C.-H.、Wang, L.-I.、Wang, Shi Y.、Tu, J.-H.、王思宜 article (1304)