Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2019 Linguistic Injustice in the Writing of Research Articles in English as a Second Language: Data from Taiwanese and Mexican Researchers 謝思蕾、Sheridan, Cheryl L.、Hanauer, David I. *、Englander, Karen article (139)
2019 جملٌ من أصول الألفات 陶艾維 期刊論文 (70)
2019 西夏語的從屬副句(網:西夏语的副词子句) 張珮琪、Peiqi, Zhang article (29)
2019 Investigating the branching of Chinese classifier phrases: Evidence from speech perception and production 何萬順Her, One-Soon、Tang, Marc、Chen, Ying-Chun、Yen, Nai-Shing article (28)
2018-12 Эмотивные конструкции в произведении С. Довлатова и их перевод на китайский язык 葉相林Yeh, Hsiang-lin、Kawai Chui、Jie-Li Tsai article (53)
2018-12 剪燭旖色佳:閱讀李有成詩集《迷路蝴蝶》 吳敏華Wu, Min-Hua article (584)
2018-12 A corpus study of linguistic-cultural conceptualization of FEAR in Chinese and Russian 葉相林、Chui, Kawai、Yeh, Hsiang-linTsai, Jie-li confernece (414)
2018-12 大學自治還是教育外包?-簡評台北高等行政法院106年度訴字第169號政大英語畢業門檻之判決 何萬順Her, One-Soon、林俊儒 article (151)
2018-12 「切る」「切れる」の意味の対応.不対応について─『基本動詞ハンドブック』の記述をもとに─ 王淑琴、Wang, Shu-Chin article (99)
2018-12 Kırgızlarda Yedi Ata Kavramı [The Kyrgyz Concept of Seven Forefathers] 徐漢陽、Taşbaş, Erhan article (107)