Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2019 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Optimizing Finance Portfolio Management 胡毓忠、Hu, Yuh-Jong、Lin, Shang-Jen conference (74)
2019 Signcryption from NTRU Lattices Without Random Oracles 曾一凡、Tseng, Yi-Fan、Liu, Zi-Yuan、Tso, Raylin、Mambo, Masahiro conference (48)
2018.11 Effects of mobile cloud computing applications on work efficiency in liquid crystal panel manufacturing 謝佩璇、Hsieh, P. H.、Wang, C. H. conference (10)
2018.06 fMRI research on perceived risk of fraud in online second-hand product purchase 謝佩璇、Hsieh, P. H. conference (35)
2018.06 探析 Y 世代對科技懷舊產品的描述 謝佩璇、Hsieh, P. H.、陳帆、Chen, F. conference (19)
2018-12 Effects of word processing and language experience on eye movements in reading Russian as a foreign language. 蔡介立、Tsai, J.L.*、Yeh, H.-L.、Chui, K.、Chen, I-J. conference
2018-12 A Corpus Study of Linguistic-Cultural Conceptualization of FEAR in Chinese and Russian 蔡介立Tsai, J.-L.、Chui, K.、Yeh, H.-L. conference (74)
2018-11 Category generalization in partial XOR category structure: Knowledge partitioning account 楊立行、Yang, Lee-Xieng conference (23)
2018-11 Relationships between personality, online behaviors, and the performance in the Iowa gambling task on Facebook 楊立行、Yang, Lee-Xieng、楊素霞 conference (91)
2018-07 The Research of Leaders' Skills, Organizational Transformation, Coping Strategies of Financial Crisis, Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Well-Being on Organizational Competitiveness Wei, Ching-Chiu、張裕隆、Chang, Yueloong conference (346)