Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017-06 Paternalistic Leadership and Athlete’s Satisfaction: The Mediation Role of Trust in Coach 謝明輝Hsieh, Ming-Hui article (322)
2017 The effects of jumping direction on lower extremity loading during drop jump task 王思宜Wang, Shi-Yi許年瑩Hsu, Nian-Ying article (334)
2016-09 教練的權威、體罰與責備:零體罰的思考 高三福、李伯倫、謝明輝、Kao, San-Fu、Lee, Po-Lun、Shieh, Ming-Hua article (323)
2015-08 臺灣外派桌球教練之探究(1971-2008) 謝明輝 report (483)
2015-03 胡歐蘭教授的承擔與期許 國家圖書館 article (454)
2015 Sex differences in lower extremity stiffness and kinematics alterations during double-legged drop landings with changes in drop height Wang, I-Lin、Wang, Shi-Yi、Wang, Li-I、王思宜 article (1314)
2014-12 The Study of the Relation between Rankings and Tournaments Host for Junior Tennis Players 張凱隆、吳忠芳、黃僅喻、張凱隆、郭世傑、何正斌 article (183)
2014-11 Predictions of Sport Passion and Coach-athlete Relationship on Mental Toughness in College Baseball Players 王清欉Wang, Ching-Tsung article (374)
2014-05 人文社會科學研究圖書館之轉型與創新:以政治大學社會科學資料中心為例 劉吉軒Liu,Jyi-Shane article (1165)
2013 Restrictiveness, exclusivity, adversativity, and mirativity: Mandarin chinese zhishi as an affective diminutive marker in spoken discourse Wang, Yu Fang、Tsai, Meichi、Schams, Wayne、Yang, Chiming article (398)