Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010.04 THE INDIA-PAKISTAN DYAD: A CHALLENGE TO THE REST OR TO THEMSELVES? 那瑞維、Narayanan, Raviprasad article (1012)
2010-04 日本與亞太多邊機制的形成 李瓊莉、Lee, Chyungly article
2010 東協區域衝突管理機制與角色探討 李瓊莉、Lee, Chyungly article
2011.12 東南亞區域研究的技藝:新生代國際關係學者應有的方法解放論 楊昊、Yang,Hao article (775)
2012.12 全球化下的災害治理:以東日本大地震國際救災協力為例 王文岳、楊昊、Wang,James W. Y.、Yang, Alan Hao article (707)
2010.1 同舟如何共濟?東協區域災難合作的集體行動邏輯 楊昊 article (780)
2011.07 The Politics of Foreign Aid: A Positive Contribution to Asian Economic Growth? 楊昊、Yang, Alan H.、Chen, Ian T.Y. article (1178)
2011.12 Does Self-Financing Matter? Recalibrating the Rationale of NGO's Self-Reliance in Search of Sustainability 楊昊、Yang, Alan Hao、Lee, Po-Yu、Chang, Tarco Yu article (918)
2012.04 A Harmonized Southeast Asia? Explanatory Typologies of ASEAN Countries' Strategies to the Rise of China 楊昊、Chen, Ian Tsung-Yen、Yang, Alan Hao article (1031)
2012.12 中國知識社群如何重構「柔性權力」理論:回顧與批判 楊昊、蕭新煌、趙晧嵎、Yang,Alan Hao、Hsiao, Hsin-huang Michael、Chao, Hao-yu article (959)