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2021 碩士班-應數所 110年 應用數學系 exam (15)
2020-08 Global synchronization of coupled reaction–diffusion neural networks with general couplings via an iterative approach 曾睿彬、Tseng, Jui-Pin article (8)
2020-06 Characterization for entropy of shifts of finite type on Cayley trees 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Chang, Chih-Hung article (21)
2020-06 Entropy Dimension of Shift Spaces on Monoids 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Chang, Chih-Hung、Huang, Nai-Zhu article (23)
2020-06 Entropy Dimension of Shifts of Finite Type on Free Groups 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Chang, Chih-Hung article (18)
2020-05 Differentiation of Cytopathic Effects (CPE) induced by influenza virus infection using deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) 蔡炎龍、Tsai, Yen-Lung、Wang, Ting-En、Chao, Tai-Ling、Tsai, Hsin-Tsuen、Lin, Pi-Han、Chang, Sui-Yuan article (22)
2020-05 On binomial and Poisson sums arising from the displacement of randomly placed sensors 符麥克、Fuchs, Michael、Kao, Louis、Wu, Wan-Zhen article (2)
2020-04 Maintenance of multi-domain neurocognitive functions in patients with newly-diagnosed primary CNS lymphoma after primary cranial radiotherapy combined with methotrexate-based chemotherapy: A preliminary case-series study 楊啟正、Yang, C. C.、Lin, S. Y.、Chuang, C. C.、Tsan, D. L.、Hung, Y. S.、Fu, C. J.、Shen, Y. L.、Chiang, Y. Y.、Huang, Y. C.、Lu, Y. J. article (33)
2020-04 Complexity of Shift Spaces on Semigroups 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao、Chang, Chih-Hung、Huang, Yu-Hsiung article (20)
2020-01 A strong law of large numbers for random elements in Banach spaces 洪芷漪、Jyy-I Hong、Tsay, Jhishen article (3)