Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2021-01 Exploring Influencers’ Role in Foodie Culture on Instagram in Hong Kong 林怡潔、Lin, Yi-Chieh、Leung, Bonni book/chapter (44)
2020-09 政治學研究途徑與方法 劉嘉薇、Liu, Jia-Wei book/chapter (19)
2020 Video games, virtual reality, and fear responses 林日璇、Lin, Jih-Hsuan Tammy book
2019-12 報業政治獵巫:1950-80年代臺灣新生報政治案件 陳百齡Chen, Pai-Lin book (55)
2019-12 旅程 黃葳威Huang, Wei-Wei 專書
2019-09 Understanding how Weibo use during TV viewing influences user engagement in China in Hong 林翠絹、Lin, T. T. C.、Liang, Z. 專書篇章
2019-09 Love Affair Under The Sea Episode 1: Pistol Shrimp 劉俐華 專書
2019-07 Sea Breeze 3 劉俐華、Liu, Li-hua book
2019-07 海のそよ風 3 劉俐華、Liu, Li-hua book
2019-07 海風 3 劉俐華、Liu, Li-hua book