Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2019 Does stakeholder-oriented governance mitigate a dark side of shareholder-oriented governance? Yoshikawa, Toru、Requejo, Ignacio、謝凱宇、Hsieh, Kai-Yu、Colpan, Asli M. 會議論文
2019 The effect of customers’ forward-looking information on upstream firms’ investment efficiency 游柏祥、金成隆、邱鵬嘉、酒莉莉 conference (143)
2019 Educational Entrepreneurs : The Making of Educational Innovation Ecosystem 吳思華Wu, Se-Hwa林月雲吳思華Lin, Yeh-Yun conference (61)
2019 文創園區駐點廠商的樞紐策略 吳思華、Wu, Sehwa、顏如妙 conference (71)
2019 A Hybrid AI Approach for Improving SCM Customer Demand Prediction 杜雨儒、Tu, Yu-Ju、Zhuang, X. Y.、Chen, Y. C、Chang, H. L. conference (72)
2019 An investigation of using time and ambient conditions to sense the unexpected removal of RFID tag 杜雨儒、Tu, Yu-Ju conference
2019 Announcement of formal control as a phase-shifting perception and its moderating role in the context of mobile-loafing, Proceedings of European Conference on Information Systems 杜雨儒、Tu, Yu-Ju、Lee, S、Kwak, A、Ma, X、Khansa, L. conference (134)
2019 Critical evaluation of RFID applications in healthcare 杜雨儒、Tu, Yu-Ju、Chi, H、Zhou, W、Kapoor, G、Eryarsoy, E、Piramuthu, S conference
2019 以環境資訊和機器學習偵防RFID中繼攻擊 杜雨儒、Tu, Yu-Ju、蔡承憲、魏銪志 conference (87)
2018-12 英國硬脫歐對英歐經貿關係之影響 洪德欽、Horng, Der-Chin conference