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May-18 Influences of Place Attachment and Social Media Affordances on Online Brand Community Continuance 張欣綠、Chang, Hsin-Lu、Wang, Kai、Tai, Jeffrey C.F. article (85)
2021-04 Executive Stock Options, Corporate Cash Holdings, and Corporate Biddings 陳嬿如Chen, Yenn-Ru、黃幼琳、陳佰弦 article (3)
2021-03 競合中的競爭動態:策略矩陣分析法 彭朱如、Peng, Tzu-Ju、顏孟賢、林明翰 article (4)
2020-12 智慧資本研究成果之實務應用 林月雲、Lin, T.Y. article (47)
2020-12 How Does Social Identification Moderate the Repurchase Intention? From the Perspect of OGB 洪叔民Horng, Shwu-Min article (6)
2020-12 Large shareholder ownership types and board governance 黃政仁、JenHuang, Cheng、Ho, Joanna、Karuna, Christo article (4)
2020-12 IFRS Adoption, Earnings Quality, and Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Japan 潘健民、Pan, Chien-Min、杜榮瑞、Duh, Rong-Ruey、廖芝嫻、Liao, Chih-Hsien、滝西敦子、Takinshi, Atsuko article (7)
2020-12 情緒會影響房市嗎?指數編制與驗證 陳明吉、Chen, Ming-Chi、朱芳妮、楊茜文、蘇子涵 article (3)
2020-12 Enhancing Computational Thinking Capability of Preschool Children by Game-based Tangible User Interface 簡士鎰、Chien, Shih-Yi、Lin, Szu-Yin、Hsiao, Chia-Lin、Hsia, Chih-Hsien、Chao, Kuo-Ming article (2)
2020-11 Protections from Natural Disasters as Local Public Goods 潘振宇、Pan, Chen‐Yu article (7)