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KITten770513 Early Neurodevelopmental Trajectory Patterns for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Very Preterm-birth Children 姜忠信、Chiang, Chung-Hsin、Chen, Li-Wen、Wang, Shan-Tair、Wang, Lan-Wan、Kao, Yu-Chia、Chu, Ching-Lin、Wu, Chin-Chin、Hsieh, Yi-Ting、Huang, Chao-Ching article (5)
2021-04 The Double-Edged Sword of Reflective Pondering 許文耀Hsu, Wen-YauWang, Ashley Wei-Ting、Chang, Cheng-Shyong article (5)
2021-03 Hippocampal avoidance whole-brain radiotherapy without memantine in preserving neurocognitive function for brain metastases: A phase II blinded randomized trial 楊啟正、Yang, Chi-Cheng、Pei-Fang, Wu article (5)
2021-02 Long-Term Presentation of Postconcussion Symptoms and Associated Factors: Analysis of Latent Class Modeling 游琇婷、Yu, Hsiu-Ting、Hsu, Huan-Hsuan、Lai, Wen-Hsuan、Xiao, Sheng-Huang、Tsai, Yi-Hsin、Wang,  Kuo-Chuan、Huang, Sheng-Jean、Yang, Chi-Cheng article (11)
2021-01 Long-term presentation of post-concussion symptoms and associated factors: Analysis of latent class modeling 楊啟正、Yang, C.C.、Hsu, H.H.、Lai, W.H.、Yu, H.T.、Xiao, S.H.、Tsai, Y.H.、Wang, K.C.、Huang, S.J. article (36)
2020-12 Workplace Gossip and Employee Cynicism: The Moderating Role of Dispositional Envy 郭建志、Kuo, Chien-Chih、張守中、Chang, Kirk、郭庭魁、Kuo, Ting-Kuei、程晟、Cheng, Sheng article (30)
2020-11 Complicated versus uncomplicated mild traumatic brain injuries: A comparison of psychological, cognitive, and post-concussion symptom outcomes 楊啟正、Yang, Chi-Cheng、Karr, Justin E. article (5)
2020-11 Neurobiological changes in striatal glutamate are associated with trait impulsivity of differential reinforcement of low-rate-response behavior in male rats 廖瑞銘、Liao,  Ruey-Ming、顏乃欣、Yen , Nai-Shing、Chuang , Chuen-Yu、Tsai , Shang-Yueh、Chen , Shuo-Fu、Yang ,  Yi-Hua、Chao ,  Chih-Chang article (4)
2020-11 Cultural variations in global and local attention and eye-movement patterns during the perception of complex visual scenes: Comparison of Czech and Taiwanese university students. 蔡介立Tsai, Jie-Li、Čeněk, Jiří、Šašinka, Čeněk article (3)
2020-09 訓練家長成為自閉症兒童介入方案的執行 者:從現場教學到遠距教學的回顧與前瞻 姜忠信、Chiang, Chung-Hsin、陳孟筳、何淑賢、吳欣治 article (5)