Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2013 模糊線性系統與應用 吳柏林 book/chapter (1428)
2006-09 Nonpharmacologic strategies in the management of insomnia Yang, Chien-Ming、Spielman, Arthur J.、Glovinsky, Paul、楊建銘 book/chapter (1389)
2012.08 Hold a minor up to nature: A new approach on correlation evaluation with fuzzy data 吳柏林Yang, Chih ChingCheng, Yu-Ting、Wu, Berlin、Sriboonchitta, Songsak book/chapter (1270)
2013.03 科技蜃樓 黃心健 article (872)
2013.09 Effects of surface charge and particle size of cell-penetrating peptide/nanoparticle complexes on cellular internalization. Liu, Betty Revon、Chan, Ming-Huan、Chen, Hwei-Hsien、Lo, Shih-Yen、Huang, Yue-Wern、Lee, Han-Jung、詹銘煥 book/chapter (1035)
2011 Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging Acquisition and Reconstruction: Application to Functional and Spectroscopic Imaging in Human Brain Lin, Fa-Husan、Tsai, Shang-Yueh、蔡尚岳 book/chapter (1110)
2014.01 Eye movement guidance in reading unspaced text in Thai and Chinese Tsai, J.-L.蔡介立 book/chapter (1263)
2012.06 市場調查實務 : 問卷設計與硏究分析 吳柏林 book/chapter (1014)
2011.12 台灣文官職等升遷預測 劉吉軒 book/chapter (988)
2000.06 地下媒體的文化與心理觀點 林耀盛 book/chapter (1010)