Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1989 Multiple solutions of nonlinear integro-differential equations 蔡隆義、Tsai, Long-Yi article (140)
1989 S-P表在高級中學數學科教學上之應用研究 呂秋文 article
1989 The Construction of πPS Sampling Designs Through a Method of Emptying Boxes 郎冰瑩 article
1989 The Effectiveness of the Combined and Repeated among Verbal Sound and Graphic Feedbacks on Students' CAI Learning Attitude Hong J.C.、Chen H. Y.、顏乃欣 conference
1989 雙眼融合中圖形與背景分離的空間頻率效應 黃淑麗、黃榮村 conference
1989 雙眼融合中圖形與背景分離的空間頻率效應 黃淑麗、黃榮村 conference
1989 人力甄選系統研究 陳彰儀 report
1989 Similarity retrieval of iconic image database 沈錳坤、Lee,Suh-Yin、Shan,Man-Kwan、Yang,Wei-Pang article (689)
1989 Using Knowledge of Children's Mathematics Thinking in Classroom Teaching: An Experimental Study Chiang, Chi-pang、Carpenter, Thomas P.、Fennema, Elizabeth、Peterson, Penelope L.、Loef, Megan、蔣治邦 article (834)
1989 台北市靈芝消費者行為研究 張海淚、Zhang, Hai-Shen thesis (93)