Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1983 On extension categories and Schur multiplicators of profinite groups 陳永秋、Tan, Eng Tjioe article (732)
1987 Bayesian methods for censored categorical data Dickey J.、Kadane J.、姜志銘 article
1988-12 Remarks on free Bieberbach groups 陳永秋、Tan, Eng Tjioe article (775)
1988-03 Starlike functions and linear functions of Dirichlet distributed vector 姜志銘 article
1986-06 Nonlocal Elliptic Boundary Value Problems 蔡隆義 article
1982 Covariance stabilizing transformations and a conjecture of Holland 宋傳欽 article (315)
1988-09 Remarks on transformation formulas for p-symbols 朱樺、陳永秋 article (983)
1986-02 國中生的比例概念發展 林福來、林光賢、郭汾派 article
1989 S-P表在高級中學數學科教學上之應用研究 呂秋文 article
1988-12 影響台灣省15-17歲青少年在學率的因素的研究 姜志銘、莊靖芬 article