Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1989 Multiple solutions of nonlinear integro-differential equations 蔡隆義、Tsai, Long-Yi article (146)
1989 S-P表在高級中學數學科教學上之應用研究 呂秋文 article
1989 The Construction of πPS Sampling Designs Through a Method of Emptying Boxes 郎冰瑩 article
1989 Similarity retrieval of iconic image database 沈錳坤、Lee,Suh-Yin、Shan,Man-Kwan、Yang,Wei-Pang article (694)
1989 Using Knowledge of Children's Mathematics Thinking in Classroom Teaching: An Experimental Study Chiang, Chi-pang、Carpenter, Thomas P.、Fennema, Elizabeth、Peterson, Penelope L.、Loef, Megan、蔣治邦 article (836)
1989 The invariants of projective linear group actions. Chu, Huah、Kang, Ming Chang、Tan, Eng Tjioe、陳永秋、Tan, Eng Tjioe article (76)
1988.10 精神分裂症患者的認知與訊息處理障礙:兼論研究方法論的問題 許文耀Hsu,Wen-yau article (750)
1988.04 高中生的習慣與心理健康 柯永河、黃慧貞、許文耀、曾雅玲  article (820)
1988.01 Role of lateral habenula in the regulation of exploratory behavior and its relationship to stress in rats 黃淑麗Huang,Shwu-Lih、Lee,Eminy H.Y. article (1004)
1988-12 Remarks on free Bieberbach groups 陳永秋、Tan, Eng Tjioe article (772)