Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1996-01 A spread spectrum DS/CDMA channel fading simulation environment for mobile radio network systems 蔡子傑、Jack Tzu-chieh Tsai , Eric Hsiao-kuang Wu , Mario Gerla article (838)
1997-12 Coordination of Multiple Agents for Production Scheduling 劉吉軒Katia Sycara article (1401)
1992-12 A Hybrid Knowledge Representation as a Basis of Requirement Specification and Specification Analysis 張宏慶、Jang,Hung-Chin article (1060)
1998-02 Placement of Partitioned Signature Files and Its Performance Analysis 沈錳坤、李素瑛、Shan,Man-kwan、Lee,Suh-Yin article (1178)
1998-11 Dynamic Allocation of Signature File on Parallel Devices 沈錳坤、李素瑛、Shan,Man-kwan、Lee,Suh-Yin article (1029)
1997-04 On-Line Manipulation Planning for Two Robot Arms in a Dynamic Environment 李蔡彥、J-C- Latombe article (1113)
1997-12 A Random Sampling Scheme for Path Planning J- Barraquand、L- Kavraki、J-C Latombe、李蔡彥、P- Raghavan article (2280)
1995-01 A Development Framework and Verification Methodologies for Knowledge-Based Systems 張宏慶、Jang,Hung-Chin article (820)
1996-12 Direct Composition Algorithms 連耀南 article
1998-11 Multidimensional Filter: A New Indexing Method for Subpicture Query of Image Retrieval 沈錳坤、李素瑛 article (965)