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2009 從「道統」到「皇統」—明代《四書大全》撰作考察;From the Daotong to the Huangtong—The Exploration of the Composition of the Sishu Daguan in the Ming Dynasty( I ) 陳逢源 report (307)
2009 二元性---漢代對偶神神話結構及其象徵系統研究;Dualism---The Structure and Symbols of Dual Gods Myth in Han Dynasty( I ) 高莉芬 report (655)
2009 聲韻學在詩歌教學上的功能研究;The Study of Function of Phonology in Poetry Teaching 竺家寧 report (756)
2009 空間權力與意識形態──晚明文學性版畫性別疆界的文化書寫 鄭文惠 report (742)
2009 用詩與解詩---漢代詩經詮釋傳統的兩種型態(Ⅱ);Using Poetry and Interpreting Poetry ---Two Types of Interpretation Tradition of Shih Chin in Han Dynasty(II) 車行健 report (439)
2009 朱震易學中象數與圖書之學研究;A Study on Zhu Zhen's Theories in Xiang-Shu and Tu-Shu---The Study of I-Ching 陳伯适 report (330)
2009 古典美學範疇「物感說」的理論架構及其歷史發展圖式;Theory Construction and History Development of Wu-Gan Hypothesis in Classical Aesthetics Category 黃偉倫 report (295)
2009 京劇表現形式的跨界歷程(I)---以20世紀初期(1930年前)戲曲改良時期為對象;The Variation about Beijing Opera in 20th Beginning 侯雲舒 report (1075)
2009 宋元明時期「孟浩然詩」評點本析論 侯雅文 report (1008)
2009 詩歌與瘋顛--探索憂鬱症女詩人的語言邊界;Verse with Crazy Dian---Investigate the Hypochondria Female Poet's Language Boundary 李癸雲 report (1146)