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2008-02 國立政治大學商學院學位論文引用文獻分析與館藏支援之研究 劉吉軒、陳碧珠、陳靜宜、張淑芬、劉麗珍、林維儀 article (3429)
2001-06 Mobile Information Management System For Disastrous Earthquake Emergency 張宏慶、蔡子傑 article
2007-01 Hiding Sensitive Association Rules with Limited Side Effects Y-H- Wu、C-M- Chiang、陳良弼 article (1503)
2003-08 Parallel Algorithms for Finding the Center of Interval and Circular-Arc Graphs 許芳榮、沈錳坤 article (1391)
2003-12 大學發展網路教學常見問題的省思 李蔡彥 article (976)
2000-02 A Novel Mobile Agent Search Algorithm 連耀南、Wen-Shyen Chen、Chun-Wu R-Leng article (1419)
2005-09 Building Digital Heritage with Team Work Empowerment 劉吉軒、Tze-Kai Huang、Mu-Hsi Tseng article (941)
2006-05 A Web-based Tutoring System with Styles-matching Strategy for Spatial Geometric Transformation Wang, Hao-ChuanLi, Tsai-Yen、Chang, Chun-Yen、李蔡彥 article (1482)
2000-06 Locating Mobile Agents on Predictable Search Paths 連耀南、Hung-Chin Jang、Jyh-Shan Huang、Lien,Yao-Nan article (407)
2002-02 以構詞律與相似法為本的中文動詞自動分類研究 曾慧馨、劉昭麟、高照明、陳克健 article