Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2009 Objectified Body Consciousness in a Developing Country: A Comparison of Mothers and Daughters in the US and Nepal Mary Crawford、I-Ching Le(李怡青)、Galina Portnoy、Alka Gurung、Deepti Khati article (1876)(1796)
2009 從情緒與認知反應探討父母衝突對兒童適應的影響 徐儷瑜、許文耀、Shyu,Li-Yu、Hsu,Wen-Yau article (896)
2009 臨床心理學在睡眠醫學的應用:過去、現在與未來 楊建銘Yang,Chien-Ming article (544)
2009 Discovering Color Styles from Fine Art Images of Impressionism 沈錳坤、Shan,Man-Kwan、Chiu,Shih-Chuan article (483)
2009 A metallic graphene layer adsorbed with lithium 楊志開、Yang, Chih-Kai article (617)
2009 Directable trailing effect Li, Tsai-yen、Huang, Pei-Zhi、Chang, Bill、Lu, Ting-Yun、李蔡彥 article (502)
2009 Cooperative Transmission Aid in Intermittent Broken Connection on VANET Chuang, Sheng-Chih、張宏慶、Jang, Hung-chin article (634)
2009 Mining polyphonic repeating patterns from music data using bit-string based approaches Shan, Man-kwan、Chiu, Shih-Chuan、Huang, Jiun-Long、Li, Hua-Fu、沈錳坤 article (550)
2009 Automatic System for the Arrangement of Piano Reductions Shan, Man-kwan、沈錳坤、Chiu, Shih-Chuan、Huang, Jiun-Long article (936)
2009 Relationship between psychosocial adjustment and executive function in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in remission: The mediating and moderating effects of insight Yen, C.-F.、Cheng, Chung Ping、鄭中平 article (548)