Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2012-09 The Impacts of Surrender Options on Reserve Durations 蔡政憲、Tsai,Cheng-Hsien article (1010)
2013.09 評估高密度寡核苷酸晶片正規化方法 黃怡婷、蘇育卉、郭訓志、滕涵菁、Hwang, Yi-Ting、Su, Yu-Hui、Kuo, Hsun-Chih、Terng, Harn-Jing article (1009)
2010-01 Uniform Design over General Input Domains with Applications to Target Region Estimation in Computer Experiments 洪英超、S.C. Chuang、Y.C. Hung article (1863)
2010-05-17 打造國際化的求學環境 樓永堅 article
2010-04-31 創意生活體驗 孕育創意經濟發展 李仁芳 article
2010-12 R&D Collaborations in a Cluster: An Empirical Study for the Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park 黃國峯于卓民司徒達賢Huang, Kuo-Feng、Chwo-Ming Yu、Seetoo, Dah-Hsian article (1063)
2010-08 How Should We Measure Research and Development Collaboration Performance? 吳豐祥、Yao, Chen-Yen、Wu, Feng-Shang article (814)
2010-06 An Optimal Product Mix for Hedging Longevity Risk in Life Insurance Companies: The Immunization Theory Approach 王儷玲黃泓智、楊曉文、蔡子皓、Wang, Jennifer L.、Huang, H.C.、Yang, Sharon S.、Tsai, Jeffrey T. article (1175)
2010-06 Optimal MultiPeriod Asset Allocation: Matching Assets to Liabilities in a Discrete Model 黃泓智Huang,Hong-Chih article (1035)
2011-09 Corporate Governance and Efficiency: Evidence from the U.S. Property-Liability Insurance Industry 王儷玲、Huang,Li-Ying、Lai,Gene C.、McNamara, Michael、Wang, Jennifer article (1214)