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2018-12 偏鄉不遠 X 教育共好 – 鹿樂平台使用手冊 劉吉軒*、 Liu, Jyi-Shane、詹志禹、 Chan, Chih-Yu、林月雲、傅如馨 book (100)
2018-12 大數據分析技術與研究意涵 劉吉軒Liu, Jyi-Shane、黃三益、紀明德 book (57)
2018-12 Big Data in Computational Social Science and Humanities - Understanding “The User-Generated”: The Construction of the “ABC Model” and the Imagination of “Digital Humanities” 紀明德Chi, Ming-Te、Liu, Hui-Wen、Lin, I-Ying、Hsu, Kuo-Wei 專書篇章 (67)
2018-12 人文社會大數據研究 - 大數據分析技術與研究意涵 紀明德Chi, Ming-Te劉吉軒Liu, Jyi-Shane、黃三益 專書篇章 (90)
2018-11 Chap 6: Big Data and Fintech 蔡子傑、Tsai, Tzu-Chieh、Seng*, Jia-Lang、Chiang, Yao-Min、Chang, Pang-Ru、Wu, Feng-ShangYen, Yung-Shen book (71)
2018-11 Application of Internet Methods in Psychology 楊立行、Lee-Xieng Yang book (47)
2018-11 Design and Evaluation of a Collaborative Learning System for 3D Model Sharing 李蔡彥Li, T.-Y.、Lin, I.-S. 專書篇章 (79)
2018-06 The importance of online transaction textual labels for making a purchasing decision – An experimental study of consumers' brain waves. 謝佩璇、Hsieh, P. H. 專書篇章 (29)
2018-05 Paternalistic leadership: From indigenous to globalization. 林姿葶、Lin, Tzu-Ting、Cheng, B. S.、Chou, L. F. book
2017-07 Properties of Second-Order Exponential Models as Multidimensional Response Models 游琇婷、Anderson, C. J. book/chapter (423)