Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2011.04 Protective and restorative effects of magnolol on neurotoxicity in mice with 6-hydroxydopamine-induced hemiparkinsonism 詹銘煥、Lin,Shiau-Chin、Chen,Hwei-Hsien、Chan,Ming-Huan article (1082)
2012 The validation and reliability of Chinese version of the pediatric sleep questionnaire for patients with sleep breathing problem Wang Chih-Huan、Yang Chien-Ming、Huang Yu-Shu、楊建銘 article (1431)
2012-08 Objective versus Subjective Cognitive Functioning in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Chen Chang-Wei、Yang Chien-Ming、Chen Ning-Hung、楊建銘 article (1528)
2011 Place conditioning and neurochemical responses elicited by the aftereffect of acute stressor exposure involving an elevated stand Shen, Ying-Ling、Chen, Jin-Chung、Liao, Ruey-Ming廖瑞銘 article (1002)
2010-02 Dopamine receptor antagonists impair place conditioning after acute stress in rats Liao, Ruey-Ming、Shen, IYing-Ling、Chen, Yao-Chu、廖瑞銘 article
2013 A possible correlation between oxytocin-induced and angiotensin IV-induced anti-hyperalgesia at the spinal level in rats Chow, Lok-Hi、Tao, Pao-Luh、Chen, Jin-Chun、Liao, Ruey-Ming、Chang, En-Pei、Huang, Eagle Yi-Kung、廖瑞銘 article (1087)
2010 Compatibility of finite discrete conditional distributions Song, Chwan Chin、宋傳欽、Jiang, Tom J.、姜志銘、Li L.-A.、Chen C.-H.、Kuo K.-L. article (421)
2010 The Living Arrangement May Differentially Influence IDU Parents? Motivation to Reduce HIV risk as a Function of Gender Copenhaver, M.*、Lee, I. C.(李怡青)、Merz-Beyus, A.、Faghri, P., article (1539)
2011 Testing an optimized HIV risk reduction and antiretroviral adherence intervention for HIV-infected injection drug users Copenhaver, M. C.*、Lee, I. C.(李怡青)、Margolin, A.、Bruce, R. D.、Altice, F. L. article (1469)
2011-02 Changing boundaries of ethnic identity and feelings toward in/outgroup: Examining Taiwan residents from a psycho-historical perspective I-Ching Lee(李怡青)、Felicia Pratto article (1772)