Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2018-12 Communicating haze crisis online: Comparing traditional news reports and new media voices in Singapore 林翠絹、Lin, Trisha T. C. article (254)
2018-12 Therapeutic effects of honokiol on motor impairment in hemiparkinsonian mice are associated with reversing neurodegeneration and targeting PPARr regulation Chen, Hwei-Hsien、Chang, Pei-Chi、Wey, Shiaw-Pyng、Chen, Pei-Mei、Chen, Chinpiao、Chan, Ming-Huan、詹銘煥、Chan, Ming-Huan article (201)
2018-12 Fronto-insular-parietal network engagement underlying arithmetic word problem solving 張葶葶、Chang, Ting-Ting、Lung, Tzu-Chen、Ng, Chantat、Metcalfe, Arron article (83)
2018-12 道德領導與員工建言行為:情感信任與團隊成員關係衝突知覺的中介角色研究 郭建志、Kuo, C. C.、陳懷傑、Chen, Huai-Jie、李弘暉、Li , Hung-Hui、程晟、Cheng, Sheng article (72)
2018-12 失智症照護的創新生活科技 廖峻鋒*、傅立成*、莊雯莉、陳達夫、邱銘章、許永真、陳淑惠、洪一平、陳佳慧、吳治勳、陳錫中、彭熙寧 article (93)
2018-12 要議價就要想得多?可議價命運信念和訊息數量之間的關聯 孫蒨如、Sun, Chien-Ru article (69)
2018-12 道德領導與員工建言行為: 情感信任與團隊成員關係衝突知覺的中介角色研究 郭建志、Kuo, C. C.、陳懷傑 article (36)
2018-11 Abnormal intrinsic cerebro-cerebellar functional connectivity in un-medicated patients with bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder 張葶葶、Chang, Ting-Ting article (213)
2018-11 Altered central autonomic network in baseball players: A resting state fMRI study Sie, J.H article (265)
2018-11 Quantity processing of Chinese numeral classifiers: Distance and congruity effects Chen, Ying-Chun article (237)