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2024-07 社交媒體還能做為公共領域嗎?從情感動員看假資訊操弄對社交媒體公共意見表達與公民參與之影響(4/4) 鄭宇君、Cheng, Yu-Chung、黃瀚萱 report (88)
2023-07 社交媒體還能做為公共領域嗎?從情感動員看假資訊操弄對社交媒體公共意見表達與公民參與之影響(3/4) 鄭宇君、Cheng, Yu-Chung、黃瀚萱 report (127)
2022-07 社交媒體還能做為公共領域嗎?從情感動員看假資訊操弄對社交媒體公共意見表達與公民參與之影響(2/4) 鄭宇君、Cheng, Yu-Chung、黃瀚萱 report (105)
2022-07 兩岸網路論壇關注之檔案事件主題及其輿情傾向分析 林巧敏、Lin, Chiao-Min report (2)
2022-06 Formal Equivalence between English and French Translations in Hu Pinching's The Falling Flowers and Les fleurs tombantes 吳敏華Wu, Min-Hua conference (1)
2022-06 Why Hedging Is Not Easily Attainable-Taiwan's Strategic Policy Options Amidst US-China Competition 呂冠頤、Leu, Guan-yi book/chapter (1)
2022-05 How do Auditors Respond to Accounting Restatements? Evidence on Audit Staff Allocation 潘健民、Pan, Chien-min Kevin conference (13)
2022-05 Why do terrorists target the energy industry? A review of kidnapping, violence and attacks against energy infrastructure 李佳怡、Lee, Chia-yi article (1)
2022-05 Understanding Policy Diffusion Mechanism of Financial Regulatory Innovation: The Experience of Taiwan 陳秉逵、Chen, Ping-Kuei、Tsang, Cheng-Yun article (1)
2022-04 The Effects of Halved Imputation Tax Credits and Wealthy Tax on the Dividend Policies of Listed Companies: A Comparative Study of Family and NonFamily Firms in Taiwan 陳明進Chen, Ming-Chin、張嘉文 article (15)