Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 Partial Response Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detector for a Nonlinear Magnetic Recording Channel Kao, Tsai-Sheng、Chen, Chiu-Hsiung、Chen, Sheng-Chih、Hou, Sheng-Yun、Chang, Yuan-Chang、Chou, Xsing-Bang conference
2010 數位內容設計與互動教育中促發想像力之因子與教學策略 陳聖智 conference
2010 從設計思考與數位敘事觀點分析不同媒介訊息承載--新聞性格初探 陳聖智 conference
2010 人與空間的互動:從空間的向度性看影像思考與想像 陳聖智 conference
2010 以感測實驗與數位敘事作為數位內容傳播之途徑--以互動科技為例 陳聖智 conference
2011 新媒介互動式數位典藏與導覽平台之開發 陳聖智、林士淵、陳泓均、吳采靜、吳昕儒 conference
2011 個人創造力、城市創新環境與藝術節品牌影響之研究 蔡宜倪、陳聖智、吳靜吉 conference
2011-04 The eye movement patterns in viewing Chinese affective pictures Lee, C. N.、Yang, T. H、Chang, Y. Y.、Tseng, P. C.、Yen, N. S.顏乃欣 conference
2011-01 Affective Picture Processing and Emotion Regulation: Brain Potentials and Eye Movement Patterns 顏乃欣Yen, N. S. conference
2010-06 Social Dilemma studies 陳皎眉、孫旻暐、邱蜀娟、Chen,Jeaw-Mei conference (623)