Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2012 The antecedents of online financial service adoption: the impact of physical banking services on Internet banking acceptance 邱志聖Chiou,Jyh-Shen、Shen,Chung-Chi article (1748)
2011-05 Country-of-origin and industry FDI agglomeration of foreign investors in an emerging economy 譚丹琪Tan, Danchi、Meyer, Klaus E. article (1122)
2010-02 Do Relative Leverage and Relative Distress Really Explain Size and BM Anomalies? 周賓凰柯冠成林信助、Chou, Pin-Huang、Ko, Kuan-ChengLin,Shinn-Juh article (1116)
2011-04 Robust Diagnostics for Heteroscedastic Regression Model 鄭宗記Cheng, Tsung-Chi article (897)
2011-12 資產減值準備與股權結構對中國上市公司有效稅率之影響 陳明進、林怡伶 article (817)
2012-07 Does foreign institutional ownership motivate firms in an emerging market to increase voluntary disclosure? Evidence from Taiwan 梁嘉紋、Liang, Jia-Wen、Lin, Mei-FengChin, Chen-Lung article (1157)
2010 Environmental Uncertainty, Comprehensive Performance Measurement Systems, Performance-Based Compensation, and Organizational Performance 吳安妮 article (825)
2011-06 Developing Key Risk Indicators for B2B International Internet Banking: A RM-BSC Approach 曾淑峰余千智、江俊豪、Tseng, Shu-FengYu, Chien-Chih、Chiang, Chun-Hao article (779)
2010-01 A Guide for the Upper Bound on the Number of Continuous-Valued Hidden Nodes of a Feed-Forward Network 蔡瑞煌、Tsaih,Rua-Huan、Wan,Yat-wah article (958)
2011-12 Trading Mechanisms and Market Quality: Call Markets versus Continuous Auction Markets 林信助郭維裕Kuo, Weiyu、Li, Yu-Ching article (1075)