Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2011 舞蹈治療發展史中對身體運作理路的回顧與反思 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin article (4035)
2012-07-15 Facebook 效應對中小學校長推動品牌領導之啟示 陳木金;尹潔茹 article (2588)
2012-12-30 從PISA閱讀評量的國際比較探討閱讀素養教育的方向 陳木金;許瑋珊 article (6825)
2013-03-16 知識資產管理對中小學校長學校創新經營之啟示 紀家雄、陳木金、Chi, Chia-Hsiung、Chen, Mu-Jin article (2019)
2013-05 建構教師專業支持.回應教師評鑑制度 陳木金 article (1457)
2013.02 Dance/movement Therapy for Children Suffering from Earthquake Trauma in Taiwan: A Preliminary Exploration 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin、Lin, Yaw-Sheng、Chiang, Chung-Hsin、Wu, Ming-Hung article (1219)
2011.07 Beyond group collaboration: Facilitating an idea-centered view of collaboration through knowledge building in a science class of fifth-graders 洪煌堯Hong, Huang-Yao article (1188)
2011.08 Sustaining knowledge building as a principle-based innovation at an elementary school 洪煌堯Zhang, JianweiHong, Huang-Yao、Scardamalia, Marlene、Teo, Chew Lee、Morley, Elizabeth A. article (1040)
2012.12 Who Benefits from the Massification of Taiwan’s Higher Education? Guest Editor’s Preface 周祝瑛Chou, Prudence article (886)
2011.08 Teacher-education students' views about knowledge building theory and practice 洪煌堯Hong, Huang-Yao、Chen, Fei-Ching、Chai, Ching Sing、Chan, Wen-Ching article (1041)