Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1999 A Methodology for Schema Integration Using Concept Hierarchies 陳良弼、Tsai,Pauray S. M.、Chen,Arbee L. P. article (787)
1999 Calculation for a Cu(001) Surface with an Impurity Atom. 楊志開、Yang,Chih-Kai article (1233)
1999 The Role of Behavioural Treatment in the Management of Insomnia Yang, Chien-Ming、Spielman, Arthur J、楊建銘 article (1033)
1999 Neuroprotective mechanism of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor on dopamine neurons: effects on antioxidation. 趙知章CC, Chao、EHY, Lee article (318)
1999 青少年與成年期自閉症患者的身心特質與矯治理念 姜忠信 article (216)
1998.07 臺灣企業網絡中的對偶關係:關係形成與關係效能 鄭伯壎、任金剛、張慧芳、郭建志、Cheng,Bor-shiuan、Jen,Chin-kang、Chang,Huifang、Kuo,Chien-chih article (777)
1998.06 Influence of SCH23390 and Spiperone on the Expression of Conditioned Place Preference Induced by D-Amphetamine or Cocaine in the Rat Liao,Ruey-ming、Chang,Yea-huey、Wang,Szu-han article (1008)
1998.06 Rectangle Number For Hypercubes And Complete Multipartite Graphs 張宜武、Chang,Yi-wu article (461)
1998.01 Automatic change detection: does the auditory system use representations of individual stimulus features or gestalts? Yang, Chien-Ming楊建銘Deacon, Diana、Nousak, Jo Manette、Pilotti, Maura、Ritter, Walter article (925)
1998-12 糢糊迴歸參數估計及在景氣對策信號之分析應用 吳柏林 Wu, Berlin、Nen-Fon,Cheng、曾能芳  article (326)