Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2011 人際敏感度:權力差異與不同社會角色期待的效果探討 林怡秀、李怡青 article (5311)
2012-04 從歷史文獻關鍵字來看--清末民初百年間中國能源觀念演進初探 周麗芳、姚育松、劉昭麟 article (705)
2011-12 Some chances and challenges in applying language technologies to historical studies in Chinese Liu, Chao-Lin、Jin, Guantao、Liu, Qingfeng、Chiu, Wei-Yun、Yu, Yih-Soong、劉昭麟 article (915)
2011-06 Visually and phonologically similar characters in incorrect Chinese words: Analyses, identification, and applications Liu, Chao-Lin、Lai, Min-Hua、Chuang, Yi-Hsuan、Lee, Chia-Ying劉昭麟 article (1053)
2010-09 Using Linguistic Features to Predict Readability of Short Essays for Senior High School Students in Taiwan Kuo, Wei-Ti、Huang, Chao-Shainn、Liu, Chao-Lin article (487)
2010-03 Applications of NLP techniques to computer-assisted authoring of test items for elementary Chinese Lin, Chao-Lin、Wang Yu-Chun、Lin, Jen-Hsiang article (1109)
2012-06 Mobile Tour Planning Using Landmark Photo Matching and Intelligent Character Recognition Huang, Cheng-Ming、Liao, Wen-Hung、Chen, Sheng-Chih、黃政明、廖文宏、陳聖智 article (1378)
2012-03 當數位媒體設計學生想像時:促動想像的因素探索與相關性研究 陳聖智、許明潔、張文山、梁朝棟、Chen, Sheng-Chih、Hsu, Ming-Chieh、Chang, Wen-Shan、Liang, Chao-Tung article (1148)
2011 促發數位設計學生想像的心理因素及其影響 許育齡、陳聖智、許明潔 article (1070)
2011 精緻與精確虛擬三維模型之數位化建置 林士淵、陳聖智 article