Date Title▼ Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2015-12 "Literature and Society──Proceedings of the First Conference on 'One Hundred Year Reflection of the New Culture Movement'" 汪楊、Wang, Yang article (208)
2013-06 "Jizhe" (Journalist) in Modern China: A Critical Survey of the Evolution of Its Titles and Profession 溫楨文、Wen, Zhen-Wen article (185)
2013-06 "Han Traitors:" National Identity Molded and Changed 劉毓晴、Liu, Yu-Chihg article (119)
2016-03 "Enlisted Participation" in China's Public Governance: An Institutional Arrangement of the "Authoritarian Resilience" 徐斯儉、Hsu, Szu-Chien article (93)
2013-06 "Comparison": A Book Review of "Revolution, Enlightenment and Lyricism, The Reflections on the Study of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture" 丁文、Ding, Wen article (187)
2018-09 "And What Russian is There Who Doesn't Love Fast Driving?": Semantic Group of Verbs of Motion in Russian - Form Standard to Substandard 薩承科、Савченко, А.В.、Khmelevskiy, Mikhail S.、Savchenko, Alexandr article (383)
2010-06 神格化的護國公:試論十七世紀版畫的克倫威爾形象 賴芸儀、Lai, Yun-Yi article (65)
2012-03 立法委員特殊利益提案與中央政府計畫型補助款的分配:從民國94 年至98 年之資料探析 羅清俊、詹富堯、Luor, Ching-Jyuhn、Chan, Fu-Yao article (431)
2012.12 利用 Google Earth 取得航測地面控制點建置貓空地區三維地形模型 林士淵、陳聖智 report (1811)
2012.05 律師可以「開除」當事人嗎?─律師終止委任關係的專業倫理問題 劉宏恩Liu, Hung-En article (1120)