Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 A model of e-learning system based on push technology and learning motivation Lin, Che-Cheng、Shen, M.-Y. article (1733)
2007 Changes in running economy following a repeated bout of downhill running Chen, T.C.、Chen, H.-L.、Wu, C.-J.、Lin, M.-R.、Chen, C.-H.、Wang, L.-I.、Wang, Shi Y.、Tu, J.-H.、王思宜 article (1321)
1998 《太極之美》——從固有身體文化創作現代舞 施淑慧 article (801)
2015 Sex differences in lower extremity stiffness and kinematics alterations during double-legged drop landings with changes in drop height Wang, I-Lin、Wang, Shi-Yi、Wang, Li-I、王思宜 article (1307)
2015-08 臺灣外派桌球教練之探究(1971-2008) 謝明輝 report (482)
2005-03 BYU 教育給我們的啟示(上) 施淑慧 article (905)
2006-03 BYU教育給我們的啟示(下) 施淑慧 article (652)
2010-09 身體定位-探討運動哲學研究中的尼采 呂潔如 article (524)
2016-09 教練的權威、體罰與責備:零體罰的思考 高三福、李伯倫、謝明輝、Kao, San-Fu、Lee, Po-Lun、Shieh, Ming-Hua article (318)
2001-02 國小乒乓球隊內部組織衝突因素之研究 謝明輝、吳昇光 article (280)