Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017-07 Multireceiver Predicate Encryption for Online Social Networks 曾一凡、Tseng, Yi-Fan、Fan, Chun-I、Huang, Jheng-Jia、Chen, Shih-Fen、Kikuchi, Hiroaki article (29)
2018-07 Probably Secure Efficient Anonymous Credential Scheme 曾一凡、Tseng, Yi-Fan、Wu, Chien-Nan、Fan, Chun-I、Huang, Jheng-Jia、Kikuchi, Hiroaki article (50)
2018-11 Provably CCA-Secure Anonymous Multi-Receiver Certificateless Authenticated Encryption 曾一凡、Tseng, Yi-Fan、Fan, Chun-I article (21)
2014 Strongly Secure Certificateless Signature Scheme Supporting Batch Verification 曾一凡、Tseng, Yi-Fan、Fan, Chun-I、Ho, Pei-Hsiu article (13)
2018-07 An fMRI study of information accuracy’s impact on emotion and trust: A case of dementia knowledge content 謝佩璇、Hsieh, P. H.、Lee, T. K. article (42)
2016-11 The mediating role of sense of virtual community 謝佩璇、Hsieh, P. H.、Chang, H. H.、Fu, C. S. article (25)
2016-06 淺談動力系統中的禍福相倚 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao article (7)
2017-06 簡單通往複雜之路 班榮超、Ban, Jung-Chao article (13)
2018-06 以價值為基礎之心理健康照護 楊啟正、Yang, C.C.、璩大成、黃勝堅 article (12)
2018-06 失智症照護之五大重要發展方向 楊啟正、Yang, C.C.、林宛玲、呂宜峰、劉建良、翁林仲 article (22)