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2021-03 教會自主與國族建構:烏克蘭東正教會的「獨立」進程 趙竹成、Zhao, Zhu-cheng article (3)
2021-01 二十世紀蒙古獨立建國的三件大事 藍美華Lan, Mei-hua book/chapter (2)
2021.02 Processing Framework for Landslide Detection Based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Intensity-Image Analysis 林士淵、Lin, Shih-Yuan、Lin, Cheng-Wei、Gasselt, Stephan van article (1)
2020-12 Does A Farmland Zoning Program Impact Farm Income? Empirical Evidence from Farm Households in Taiwan 林子欽、Lin, Tzu-Chin、Chang, Hung-Hao article (2)
2021-03 臺北市住宅興建決定因素:市場特性、開發政策與土地產權的整合觀點 林子欽、Lin, Tzu-Chin、林士淵、周昱賢 article (4)
2020-01 Forecasting Housing Markets from Number of Visits to Actual Price Registration System 林左裕Lin, Tsoyu CalvinHsu, Shih-Hsun article (5)
2020-11 Multilevel spatial impact analysis of high-speed rail and station placement: A short-term empirical study of the Taiwan HSR 蔡育新Tsai, Yu-Hsin、Guan, Jhong-yun、Chung, Yi-hsin article (2)
2021-03 因應氣候變遷之都市街區規劃設計策略與永續「共效益」--建物重建階段 蔡育新Tsai, Yu-Hsin、徐嘉信、王絢、林家靖 article (0)
2021-05 Identifying Aging Villages with Primary Care Shortages: A Geographic Information System Approach 郭璨宇、Kuo, Tsanyu article (6)
2021-02 India, Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific: Economic–Security Strategic Partnership and Expected Utility Theory 陳永福、Tan, Alexander C.、Vanvari1, Neel article (3)