Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2021-05 Carbon capture and storage in South Africa: A technological innovation system with a political economy focus 柯玉佳、Yu-ChiaKo、KrystinZigan、Yu-LunLiu article (9)
2020-12 Incorrect Translation Causing a Claim to Be Indefinite Under 35 U.S.C. § 112—A Case Study of IBSA Institut Biochimique, S.A. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. 陳秉訓、Chen, Ping-Hsun article (7)
2021-02 商標法國際耗盡原則適用客體之待商榷-評最高法院108年台上字第397號民事判決 陳秉訓、Chen, Ping-Hsun article (14)
2021-01 談專利連結制度實施後藥事法主管機關的研究責任 陳秉訓、Chen, Ping-Hsun article (13)
2020-08 境隨心轉:服務隨創中的認知轉移與資源轉換 蕭瑞麟Hsiao, Ruey-Lin、徐嘉黛 article (12)
2019-04 Allocating Overseas: Risk Assessment of Currency Hedging in Taiwan Life Insurance Industry 張士傑、Chang , Shih-Chieh、Lee,  Yen-Kuan、Tu, Wei Hsuan and Chang-ye article (21)
2020-06 Currency Uncertainty, Interest Guarantee, and Risk-Based Premiums in Life Insurance Guaranty Schemes 張士傑、Chang , Shih-Chieh Bill、Lee,  Yen-Kuan article (6)
2018-09 人壽保險公司之風險及清償能力評估: 檢視利率變動型人壽保險 張士傑、Chang , Shih-Chieh、黃雅文、洪銳棋、曾暐筑 article (9)
2020-03 指數型保險於再生能源風險管理之運用: 台灣離岸風力發電第26號潛力場址 張士傑、Chang , Shih-Chieh Bill、廖士傑、陳怡儒 article (10)
2019-07 Marketing Channel, Corporate Reputation and Profitability of Life Insurers: Evidence of Bancassurance in Taiwan 陳彩稚Chen, Tsai-Jyh article (10)