Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2009-12 A ubiquitous infrastructure applications to support museum's service 姜國輝Chiang, Johannes K.、Kuo, Chen-Wo conference (33)
2021-08 Comparison of Fully Connected Net with Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network and PSO in the Diagnosis of Heart 姜國輝Chiang, Johannes K. conference (28)
2013-01 Multidimensional Data Mining for Discover Association Rules in Various Granularities 姜國輝Chiang, Johannes K. conference (22)
2021-08 Open Collaboration Framework centric to Federated Cloud for Smart Earth : on Case of Disaster Mitigation and Environment Technology 姜國輝Chiang, Johannes K.、Yen, Eric conference (23)
2018-10 Optimization Of Spectrum Auction in 5th Generation Mobile Networks By The Optimization Algorithm The Simulated Annealing Algorithm And Genetic Algorithm For The Spectrum Below 6 GHz(Best Paper) 姜國輝Chiang, Johannes K.、Chiang, Yi-Fang、Yen, Eric H.W. conference (18)
2021-08 應用類神經網路與自組織方法於金融時間序列預測與比較 : 以TWSE台股指數為例 姜國輝Chiang, Johannes K. conference (30)
2020-05 Segmentation, Monitoring and Hardening Boundary of Existing Internet of Things System Security ─ A Case Study of the Security Improvement in Smart Health 張智為、Chang, Chih Wei conference (29)
2020-08 Design and Development of Biometric Verification System on Border Control 林逸塵、Lin , I-Chen conference (33)
2020-11 Vision-based Drone Navigation for Orbital Inspection of Pole-like Objects 劉吉軒、Liu, Jyishane、Chang, Wei-Chao conference (23)
2020-12 Visual Navigation for UAVs Landing on Accessory Building Floor 劉吉軒、Liu, Jyishane、Liu, Hsiao-Che conference (32)