Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2015-05 民主化與選舉研究 俞振華、Yu, Eric Chen-hua conference (21)
2015-05 臺灣選舉研究的回顧與展望: 民主化與選舉研究 俞振華、Yu, Eric Chen-hua conference (17)
2021.02 Governing Status and Campaign Promises: A Study of the 2016 Taiwanese Legislative Election 鄭夙芬Cheng, Su-feng conference (62)
2020-12 Virtual Adversarial Active Learning 游勤葑、Yu, Chin-Feng、Pao, Hsing-Kuo conference (23)
2021-05 LSTM-Based Approaches for the Performance Prediction in MLB 蔡炎龍、Tsai, Yen-lung conference (42)
2019-12 「民族誌」幕後花絮:「聊天」作為一種研究方法? 何浩慈、Ho, Hao-Tzu article (18)
2019-04 Cosmopolitan Food Localism: Emergence of Global Local Food Movements in Postcolonial Hong Kong 何浩慈、Ho, Hao-Tzu thesis (39)
2020-08 香港、農業、「廢青」(上篇)混雜的身份 何浩慈、Ho, Hao-Tzu article (31)
2020-08 香港、農業、「廢青」(下篇)田野要注意什麼?「活著回來。 何浩慈、Ho, Hao-Tzu article (9)
2020-07 電台專訪:《太平洋的風》節目 何浩慈、Ho, Hao-Tzu other