Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2022-04 Bank Loans during the 2008 Quantitative Easing 周冠男、Chou, Robin K.、Chen, Hsuan-Chi、Lin, Chih-Yung、Lu, Chien-Lin article (23)
2021-12 Time-dependent lottery preference and the cross-section of stock returns 陳鴻毅、Chen, Hong-Yi、Lin, Chaonan、Ko, Kuan-Cheng、Yang, Nien-Tzu article (5)
2022-01 Organization capital effect in stock returns—The role of R&D 湛可南、Chan, Konan、Li, Mei-Xuan、Lin, Chu-Bin、Wang, Yanzhi article (10)
2021-10 Gender Difference in Shareholder Activism: Evidence from Shareholder Proposals 陳嬿如Chen, Yenn-Ru conference (22)
2021-07 Management on Board, Internal Capital Market and Corporate Innovation 陳嬿如Chen, Yenn-Ru conference (17)
2021-10 Reinforcing Dispute Settlement Mechanism Under The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control as an Option to Solve Trade/Investment-Related Tobacco Disputes 楊培侃、Yang, Pei-Kan article (10)
2022-02 To Make or to Buy from a Common Supplier? Strategic Considerations and Welfare Consequences 溫偉任、Wen, Wei‐Jen、Lee, Wen-Chieh、Lo, Chung-Yen article (22)
2022-03 Cancer Insurance Longevity Risk Management - A Natural Hedging Approach 余清祥Yue, Jack C.、蘇眞慧、Su, Karen C. article (8)
2021-12 年輪變動比用於小區域人口推估的探討 余清祥Yue, Jack C.、王信忠、陳譽騰、Wang, Hsin-chung、Chen, Yu-teng article (8)
2021-12 A New Phase II EWMA Dispersion Control Chart 楊素芬Yang, Su-Fen、Arnold, Barry C.、Liu, Yen-ling、Lu, Ming-Che、Lu, Shin-Li article (12)