Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2020-01 試論國內外抗制毒品犯罪法制之現況、困境與對策 吳冠杰、柯雨瑞、黃翠紋 book/chapter (1)
2020-07 試論國際災害防救機制-兼論對我國之啟示 吳冠杰、柯雨瑞、黃翠紋 book/chapter (1)
2021-11 Recalibrating After Two Decades of Rapid Expansion: The Pursuit of Excellence Amid Declining Enrollment in Taiwan 陳榮政、Chen, Robin Jung-Cheng、Ho, Sophia Shi-Huei book/chapter (1)
2019-03 Advancing elementary students’ literacies through principled-based knowledge building pedagogy 洪煌堯Hong, Huang-Yao、Lin, Pei-Yi conference (1)
2019-06 Exploring Group’ Design Thinking Patterns in a Principe-based Knowledge-Building Environment 洪煌堯Hong, Huang-Yao、Lin, Pei-Yi conference (1)
2021-05 警專建立「VR射擊系統」及「互動式情境模擬射擊靶場」成效初探 吳冠杰、Wu, Guan-Jie conference (1)
2021-05 警專警察類科實務課程實施協同教學之研究 吳冠杰、Wu, Guan-Jie conference (1)
2020-10 警察執行勤務遭受暴力攻擊之研究-兼論常年訓練之精進作為 吳冠杰、馬心韻 conference (2)
2021-09 Development of the Subjective Cognitive Decline Scale for Mandarin-Speaking Population 吳治勳、Wu, Chih-Hsun、Tsai, Hsing-Fang、Hsu, Chih-Cheng、Liu, Chien-Liang、Hsu, Yen-Hsuan article (0)
2021-11 The effect of the preoperational psychoeducation program for Taiwanese breast cancer patients: A three-month follow-up study 吳治勳、Wu, Chih-Hsun、Hung, Jui-Ko、Kuo, Wen-Hung、Tseng, Chang-Chang、Cheng, Yih-Ru article (0)