Date Title▼ Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1999 Analyzing and reducing the protocol overheads of the MPOA in the intra-Communication Lai, Wei Kuang、Chung, J. -M. conference (233)
1997 An Efficient Web-BBS System 黃年畤、竇其仁、徐弘洋 conference (206)
1995 An alternative method for connection between TANet and the campus network for High and Junior High & Preliminary School - A solution to the lack of the IP subnet problem of TANet 陳鴻彬、趙涵捷、林信鋒 conference (253)
1999 A Web-enabled Talking Head System Based on a Single Face Image Hung, Cheng-Sheng、Huang, Chien-Feng、Lee, Guo-Shi、Lin, I-Chen、Ouhyoung, Ming conference (172)
1999 A Ratioed Channel Assignment Scheme for Initial and Handoff Calls in Mobile Cellar Systems Huang, Chenn-Jung、Lai, Wei Kuang、Wang, Chua-Chin、Jin, Yu-Jyr、Chen, Hsin Wei conference (166)
1999 A Benchmark for QOS Guarantee Schemes Chu, Yen-Ping、Chen, Chin-Hsing、Lin, Kuan-Cheng conference (269)