Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2011 Place conditioning and neurochemical responses elicited by the aftereffect of acute stressor exposure involving an elevated stand Shen, Ying-Ling、Chen, Jin-Chung、Liao, Ruey-Ming廖瑞銘 article (1002)
2010-02 Dopamine receptor antagonists impair place conditioning after acute stress in rats Liao, Ruey-Ming、Shen, IYing-Ling、Chen, Yao-Chu、廖瑞銘 article
2013 A possible correlation between oxytocin-induced and angiotensin IV-induced anti-hyperalgesia at the spinal level in rats Chow, Lok-Hi、Tao, Pao-Luh、Chen, Jin-Chun、Liao, Ruey-Ming、Chang, En-Pei、Huang, Eagle Yi-Kung、廖瑞銘 article (1087)
2010 Chinese spouses' empowerment through community communication: a case study of the Chinese Association of Relief and Ensuing Service Momesso,Lara、Sun, Mine-Ping article (760)
2010-07 Internet Pornography and Teen Sexual Attitudes and Behavior 吳筱玫 article (1605)
2013.09 評估高密度寡核苷酸晶片正規化方法 黃怡婷、蘇育卉、郭訓志、滕涵菁、Hwang, Yi-Ting、Su, Yu-Hui、Kuo, Hsun-Chih、Terng, Harn-Jing article (1009)
2010-10 部落格與競選傳播:以 2008 年台灣總統大選候選人為例 蘇蘅、張寶芳 article (0)
2010-07 液態新聞:新一代記者與當前媒介境況 ─以Zygmunt Bauman「液態現代性」概念為理論基礎 華婉伶、臧國仁 article (710)
2010.01 真實的虛假與虛假的真實 林恩盈 article (598)
2011-06 評David Kirkpatrick著, 李芳齡譯,《Facebook臉書效應:從0到7億的串連》(天下雜誌,2011) 陳百齡、劉維公、林晉寬、林蕙雅、林建江、陳意文 article