Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2013.01 Optimal Mortgage Contract Choice Decision in the Presence of the Pay Option Adjustable Rate and the Balloon Mortgage 姜堯民、Chiang, Yao-Min、Sa-Aadu , Jarjisu article (915)
2012-08 以智慧資本導航工具探討社福機構之婦女服務方案資源管理 施郁榛、彭朱如、Shih,Yu-Chen、Peng,Ann Tzu-Ju article (895)
2011.06 Impact of Tick-Size Reduction on Intraday Patterns of Market Liquidity 許永明、Hsieh,Tzung-Yuan、Lin,Ching-Chung、Shiu, Yung-Ming article (1017)
2010.11 Economic Determinates of Default Risks and Their Impacts on Credit Derivative Pricing 廖四郎LIAO,SZU-LANG、CHANG,JUI-JANE article (889)
2011.03 The Effect of Migration on a Similarity Index 余清祥Yue,Jack C.、Clayton, Murray K. article (944)
2010.07 Weighted Characteristic P-vector and Deadlock Control of WS3PR 趙玉、CHAO,DANIEL YUH article (1064)
2012.09 Legal nature of the traded units under the emissions trading systems and its implication to the relationship between emissions trading and the WTO 施文真Shih ,Wen-chen article (1088)
2010.03 Endogenous entry and partial adjustment in IPO auctions: Are institutional investors better informed? 姜堯民、Chiang,Yao-Min、Qian,Yiming、Sherman,Ann E. article (1145)
2010.12 小區域人口推估研究:臺北市、雲嘉兩縣、澎湖縣的實證分析 陳政勳余清祥、Chen,Cheng-Hsun、Yue, Jack C. article (926)
2012.12 小區域死亡率推估之研究 王信忠、金碩、余清祥 article (420)