Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2013.12 How to Distinguish True Dependence from Varying Krmelova, Marketa吳柏林Trnecka, MartinKreinovich, Vladik article (1047)
2014.05 The evolution of traveling waves in a simple isothermal chemical system modelling quadratic autocatalysis with strong decay Fu, Sheng-Chen符聖珍Tsai, Je-Chiang article (1013)
2013.04 Statistical Analysis with Soft Computation for Fuzzy Answering in Sampling Survey 吳柏林Wu, Berlin、Lai, Wentsung、Wu, Ching-Ling、Tien-Liu,Tsung-Kuo article (1029)(362)
2012-02 高中學生時間運用與學習表現關聯之研究:模糊相關的應用 謝名娟Hsieh,Ming-Chuan吳柏林Wu, Berlin article (787)
2012.09 Effects of cis and trans regulatory variations on the expression divergence of heat shock response genes between yeast strains 李靜敏、Li, Ching-Min、曾正男、Tzeng, Jeng-Nan、宋皇模、Sung, Huang-Mo article (997)
2012 Re-encryption Method designed by Row Complete Matrix 曾正男、Chen, I-Te、Tsai, Jer-Min、Tzeng, Jengnan article (947)
2012.03 Classification in image recognition by ambiguous components 曾正男、Tzeng, Jeng-Nan article (719)
2013.12 Asymptotic behavior of positive solutions of the nonlinear differential equation t²u''= u{^n},1 < n 李明融、LI, MENG-RONG、YAO, HSIN-YU article (551)
2014.04 TAIEX index option model by using nonlinear differential equation 李明融、Li, Meng-Rong、Lee, Yong-Hsiuan、Chiang Lin, Tsung-Jui article (885)
2012.05 模糊数据调查表的设计及应用 吳柏林 article (1526)