Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
1987-03 On the choice of the smallest sample size for some populations 宋傳欽、SONG, C. C. article (130)
1987 Bayesian methods for censored categorical data Dickey J.、Kadane J.、姜志銘 article
1987 The reduced basis method for initial value problems. Porsching, T. A.、Lee, Meei-Yow Lin article (88)
1986-06 Nonlocal Elliptic Boundary Value Problems 蔡隆義 article
1986-02 國中生的比例概念發展 林福來、林光賢、郭汾派 article
1985-11 比例推理的錯誤診斷與補救 林光賢、林福來 conference
1985-11 比和比例的了解層次與認知階段 林光賢、林福來 conference
1984-07 Erratum Tan, Eng Tjioe、陳永秋 article (280)
1984-04 A remark on Scholz's abelian crossings 陳永秋、Tan, Eng Tjioe article (701)
1984 A Monte Carlo Study of Some Ridge Type Estimators 郎冰瑩 conference