Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2011-07 Collaborative knowledge building for understanding science concepts Tsai, PeiChen、Hong, Huangyao、Chiu, ChiehHsin、Hong, M.、蔡沛成、洪煌堯 conference (731)
2012 Critical aspects in learning with technologies Chai, C.S.、Quek, C.L.、Lee, C.B.Hong, Huang-Yao、Ling, J.K.H.、Miyake, N.、Reimann, P.、洪煌堯 conference (844)
2012 Enhancing students' understanding of what ideas are for knowledge building Chiu, C.-H.、Hong, Huang-Yao洪煌堯 conference (745)
2010 Effects of knowledge building on elementary students' views of collaboration Hong, H、-Y、Wang, P、-H、Hong, M、Cha,i C、S、洪煌堯 conference (729)
2013-06 Facilitating belief change via computer-supported collaborative knowledge-building Li, Pei Jung、Chang, C.-H.、Hong, Huang-Yao、Lin, Hsien Ta、李佩蓉、洪煌堯、林顯達 conference (780)
2013-06 Exploring the effect of online collaborative learning on students' scientific understanding Li, Pei Jung、Chang, C.-H.、Hong, Huang-Yao、李佩蓉、洪煌堯 conference (772)
2014-04 The relationship between Facebook use and psychological well-being: An example of Taiwan college students Hsu, Wei-Hsin、Yu, S.-C.、Yu, Min-Ning、Lan, W.-P.、Shie, L.-C.、許薇欣、余民寧 conference (852)
2014-12 Fostering change of views of the nature of scientific theories in a CSCL environment Li, Pei Jung、Hong, Huang-Yao、李佩蓉、洪煌堯 conference (947)
2011 Students changing their conceptions of collaboration through computer-supported knowledge building Chang, Yu-Hui、Hong, Huang-Yao、Tsai, Pei Chen、Wang, Po Hsien、張宇慧、洪煌堯、蔡沛成、王博賢 conference (692)
2010 Teacher-education students' views about knowledge building theory and practice Hong, Huang-Yao、Chen, F.-C.、Chai, C.S.、Chan, Wen Ching、洪煌堯、詹雯靜 conference (528)