Date▼ Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017-11 Self-regulation, smartphone addiction, and Taiwanese college students’ psychological well-being 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh conference
2017-11 大學生之自我導向學習準備度與智慧型手機成癮之相關研究 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、莊秀敏 conference (9)
2017-11 情境教學法提升國小四年級綜合活動課程教學實施成效之行動研究 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、蔡繼振 conference (10)
2017-11 環境的問題與保育(資訊科技融入教學教案競賽發表) 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、潘雅玲 conference (13)
2017-11 闖關遊戲-玉兔大冒險(教學媒體競賽發表) 陳揚學Chen, Yang-Hsueh、梁書豪、羅欽姿、楊美仙、李鴻亮 conference (12)
2017-07 Body image prevention in female adolescent students: A dynamic movement psycho-education program. 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin、Chiang, Chung-Hsin conference (130)
2017-06 Employing game-based learning to improve pupils' creativity 林進山、Lin, Chin-Shan、葉玉珠Yeh, Yu-Chu conference (46)
2016-11 A model of mastery experience in creativity game-based learning among pupils 林進山、Lin, Chin-Shan conference (20)
2016-07 Institutional management, working condition and academic contribution in Asian higher education 陳榮政、Chen, Robin Jung Cheng、Ho, Sophia Shi Huei、Peng, Michael Yao Ping conference (343)
2016-07 Body image prevention in female college students: A dynamic movement psychoeducation program. 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin conference (47)