Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2012.10 The interaction between expected values and risk levels in a modified Iowa Gambling Task Yen, N. S.Chou, I. C.Chung, H. K.、Chen, K. H.、顏乃欣 article (1404)
2011-11 Effects of typographic variables on eye-movement measures in reading Chinese from a screen Yen, N. S.顏乃欣Tsai, J. L.、Chen, P. L.、Lin, H. Y.、Chen , A. L. P. article (1082)
2010-02 Emotional Modulation of the Late Positive Potential (LPP) Generalizes to Chinese Individuals Yen, N.S.顏乃欣、Chen, K.H.、Liu, E.H. article (1404)
2013.09 原住民與漢人族群的災變因應與心理適應關係探討:以莫拉克風災為例 陳亭君、林耀盛、許文耀、Chen, Ting-Chun、Lin, Yaw-Sheng、Hsu, Wen-Yaw article (881)
2011-06 Risk factors for PTSD after Typhoon Morkot among elderly people in Taiwanese aboriginal communities Chen Yi-Lung、Lai Chung-Sheng、Chen Wu-Tsung、HsuWen-Yau、Wu Yi-Chen、Chen Cheng-Sheng、許文耀 article (1163)
2011-01 Absence of a positive bias in social anxiety: the application of a directed forgetting paradigm Hsu, W. Y許文耀Liang, C. W、Hung, F. C、Wang, W. T、Lin, C. H article (1706)
2011-01 門診癌症患者參與心理社會介入之意圖評估~計畫行為理論之運用 涂珮瓊、許文耀 article (701)
2010 Dificits in interval timing measured by the dual-task paradigm among children and adolescents with attention-dificit/hyperactivity disorder Hsu Wen-Yau許文耀Hwang Shoou-Lian、Gau Susan Shur-Fen、Wu Yu-Yu article (969)
2013.07 A Mathematical Model of Enterprise Competitive Ability and Performance through Emden-Fowler Equation (II) Li Meng-Rong、Chang Yue-Loong、Li Yu-Tso、張裕隆 article (1295)
2011.05 A mathematical model of Enterprise competitive ability and performance through a particular Emden-Fowler Equation Pai Jen-Te、Li Meng-Rong、Chang Yue-Loong、Chiu Su-Miao、張裕隆 article (1087)