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2018-06 佛道二教 ; 陰陽門第:閩南地方佛道儀式的互涉與混融 林振源、Lin, Chen-Yuan conference (31)
2018-05 Vascular-metabolic and GABAergic Inhibitory Correlates of Neural Variability Modulation. A Combined fMRI and PET Study Qin, Pengmin、Duncan, Niall W.、Chen, David Yen-Ting、Chen, Chi-Jen、Huang, Li-Kai、Huang, Zirui、Lin, Chien-Yuan E.、Wiebking, Christine、Yang, Che-Ming、Northoff, Georg、Lane, Timothy J.、Northoff, Georg、藍亭Lane, Timothy J. article (229)
2018-05 Electoral Competition, Incumbency, News Coverage, and Prediction Market Price: A Preliminary Study of Campaign Contributions and Spending in Taiwan's 2016 Legislative Election 蔡佳泓Tsai, Chia-hung article (148)
2018-05 Young Generation’s Political Attitudes and Participation in Taiwan 鄭夙芬Cheng, Su-feng、Lin, Chiung-chu、Lin, Pei-ting conference
2018-05 越南與菲律賓對中國南海軍事化行動的回應 李瓊莉、Lee, Chyungly、張顥瀚 article (24)
2018-04 The Development of Mismatch Responses to Mandarin Lexical Tone in 12- to 24-Month-Old Infants Cheng, Ying-Ying、李佳穎、Lee, Chia-Ying article (203)
2018-04 Temporal neural mechanisms underlying conscious access to different levels of facial stimulus contents 徐慎謀、Hsu, Shen-Mou、Yang, Yu-Fang article (356)
2018-04 Comparing China’s Approaches to BRICS and ASEAN 李瓊莉、Lee, Chyungly conference (79)
2018-03 Number of Meanings and Number of Senses: An ERP Study of Sublexical Ambiguities in Reading Chinese Disyllabic Compounds Huang, Hsu-Wen、李佳穎、Lee, Chia-Ying article (201)
2018-02 Regret about surgical decisions among early-stage breast cancer patients: Effects of the congruence between patients' preferred and actual decision-making roles Wang, AWT、Chang, SM、Chang, CS、Chen, ST、Chen, DR、Fan, F、Antoni, MH、Hsu, WY、Hsu, Wen‐Yau、許文耀 article (217)