Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2019 轉譯身體的語言 李宗芹、Lee, Tsung-Chin 專書篇章
2017 Exploring Taiwanese secondary teachers’ perception of self-regulated learning-based instruction. 陳揚學、Jang, S. J. 專書篇章
2016-01 花嶼村2號:澎湖小島踏查筆記 鄭同僚Zheng, Tong-Liao 專書 (48)
2019 Bricolage and the evolution of giftedness and talent in Taiwan 紀博善、Albanese, Dale、Yu, Ming-Jen、Wu, Jing-Jyi book/chapter (16)
2015 在教學現場的歷練中展現實踐智慧-連結教育現場與實習課程 林進山、Lin, Chin-Shan book/chapter (11)
2016 精緻教育學校的創新教育與實踐 林進山、Lin, Chin-Shan book/chapter (10)