Date Title▼ Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2017 1000 Turkish Basic Words [Түркчө негизги 1000 сөз] 徐漢陽、Taşbaş, Erhan、kızı, Aymira Marat 專書
2011.03 (後)現代高達:《賴活》 趙順良、Chao, Shun-liang book/chapter (682)(664)
2016-11 'The light that never was on sea or land': William Wordsworth in America and Emily Dickinson's 'Frostier' Style' Hsu, Li-hsin、許立欣 article (430)
2018-07 'Forced displacement from Syria and Syrian migration rationales, 張景安、Chang, Ching-An conference
2014-06 ''Le vertige de l''hyperbole'': Baudelaire, Longinus, and the Poetics of Excess 趙順良、Chao, Shun-liang article
2016 "言其未言,補其裂縫:" 論愛倫坡偵探故事中的敘事斷裂 黃斌峰、Huang, Bin Feng thesis (549)
2012 "留意這腐爛帶蛆性行為": 論艾德蒙.懷特<已婚男人>深刻書寫的性愛、疾病、死亡議題 胡家銘、Hu, Chia Ming thesis (875)