Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2012-01 The Impact of Management Control System on Efficiency and Quality Performance - An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Correctional Institutions 黃政仁、Huang, Cheng Jen、Ho, JoannaWu, Anne article (11)
2018-12 The effect of economic policy uncertainty on hotel room demand-evidence from Mainland Chinese and Japanese tourists in Taiwan 裘錦天、Chyou, Jiin-Tian、Chen, Chiang-Ming、Hua, Kuo-Ting、Tai, Chih-Chung article (8)
2013-05 User adoption of social networking sites 白佩玉、Pai, Peiyu、Arnott, David C. article (4)
2019 The joint determinants of capital structure and stock rate of return: A LISREL model approach 陳鴻毅、Chen, Hong-Yi、Lee, Cheng Few、Tai, Tzu article (7)
2010-06 Does Higher Ownership Control Suggest More Bad Influence? Evidence from the Value of Cash Holdings and Dividends in Chinese Listed Firms 陳嬿如Chen, Yenn-Ru article (14)
2012-01 委託書之代理問題及制衡機制: 對控制權偏離暨少數股東侵占行為之實證研究 陳嬿如Chen, Yenn-Ru、林惠芬、吳清在 article (5)
2016-01 Auditor Choice under Client Information Uncertainty 周玲臺Chou, Ling-Tai Lynette article (6)
2010-01 Experimental evidence of the impact of increasing auditors''legal liability on firms''new investments 俞洪昭、Yu, Hung‐Chao article (6)
2018-09 Analytical Approximations for American Options: The Binary Power Option Approach 江彌修、Chiang, Mi-Hsiu、Fu, Hsin-Hao article (2)