Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2010 Design-based knowledge building practices in mathematics teaching Hong, Huang-Yao、Chang, Yu-Han、洪煌堯 conference (669)
2010 SSCI下的臺灣高教競爭力:以政大學術評鑒為例 周祝瑛 conference (389)
2011 Enhancing the social and cognitive benefits of digital tools and media Laferriere, T.、Viilo, M.、Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, P.、Hakkarainen, K.、Oshima, J.、Scardamalia, M.、Bereiter, C.、Chen, B.、Chuy, M.、Resendes, M.、Van, Aalst, J.、Chan, C.、Bielaczyc, K.、Hong, Huang-Yao、Zhang, J.、洪煌堯 conference (551)
2011 Exploring college students perceptions of classroom learning in a knowledge building environment Lin, Kuei Yu、Hong, Huang-Yao、Chaib, Ching Sing、林奎宇、洪煌堯 conference (640)
2011-01 Metaphor-based alliance partners recommendation for unique and attractive destination image building Yeh, Yu-Chen、Hsieh, Pei-Hung、Yuan, Soe-Tsyr、葉玉珠、謝沛宏、苑守慈 conference (689)
2015-08 台灣小學傳統文化和創新教育之探究 林進山 report (531)
2015-12 敘說教育現場的校長評鑑 林進山 conference (435)
2014-12 戰後臺灣的環境治理進路:一個生態現代化視角的考察 黃信勳、徐世榮 article (251)
2015-12 台灣民間宗教醫療之考察:以附身與儀式醫療為例 謝世維 article (450)
2015 台北市弱勢家庭形成風險及評估之初探 謝美娥、楊佩榮 article (368)